About me

I love the logic programming brings me. The ability to construct immense complex systems that still have a foundation of pure logic fascinates me.

Ever since I was able to hold small electronic devices I kept wondering what was inside them. How they worked. When I got my first Gameboy, it didn't take me long to tear it apart, to much surprise of my parents. After which I received a transparent Gameboy and a blue-transparent Playstation controller. All in effort to stop me from taking everything apart.

All this accumulated into the desire to start Communication and Multimedia Design at the Avans University of Applied Science in Breda. The fact that this education offered me the ability to learn programming, build prototypes including electronics and also focus on the design and usability of all this, made my choice pretty easy.

With much joy I plan to finish my education mid 2016 and start working in a field that includes programming.

My projects

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Interactive Installation

Leap started out as a project for my education. The installation uses an Oculus Rift and a Kinect to put the user in a new reality.


Data Visualization

This interactive datavisualization was created for my minor Meaningful Data Design. The subject was about employement in the Netherlands.


Data Visualization

I had a wild idea to make a map with some cities out of a database. Eventually I decided to visualize Italy with depth and color.


Mobile App (Mobile only)

Diarium is a mobile app that I developed for my education. It uses JS and PHP to create a mobile diary for the user to use.


Mobile App

iBudget is a mobile web app that I developed for my education. It is heavily focused on a near-native experience to app usage.

Habbo Hotel


Named Habbo Hotel, this was my first simple chat client that can send messages and move its character on the serverside view.

To Do App

AngularJS/Sass App

This was my first try at AngularJS and Sass. I was very pleased with the result, a real easy To Do App in very little time.


Video Game - Mac OS X only

Beeldrijk is the first ever full-fledged game I've developed with a team. You play as a blind boy who needs to navigate by sound.

Coin Collector

Video Game

Coin Collector is the game that taught me simple collision detection and tiled level generation. It was a project for my education.

Bouncy Fish

Video Game

Bouncy Fish is a game I developed with a classmate in six hours. Our inspiration was Flappy Bird and it was a nice challenge.

Astroids 13.37

Video Game

I have written this game completely in the MVC-model. It took some getting used to but I think my programming greatly benefited.

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